Love Dares You: On David Bowie

David’s Bowie’s death is a loss felt by many today, especially those who grew up feeling like a kook or a freak. Among them are queer folks like myself, who were drawn to the space Bowie created to genderfuck, as well as to his music, which helped us construct worlds where we would feel at home.


Today the editor of the popular history of sexuality blog NOTCHES published a list five sources to begin thinking about David Bowie’s place in the history of sexuality of the 1970s and 1980s. You can check it out here:

I’ve spent the better part of the day listening to Blackstar, Bowie’s new album, but it was this song that brought me to my feet, and tears to my eyes. Freddie Mercury + David Bowie = explosion of kaleidoscopic queer delights, in my books. If only Carol Pope could have got in there somehow.

I hope you will join me in making this  your mantra for the next week, or weeks. I don’t need to tell you the source, you’ll recognize it right away.

“And love dares you to care for
The people on the edge of the night
And love dares you to change our way of
Caring about ourselves
This is our last dance
This is our last dance
This is ourselves
Under pressure
Under pressure

(After posting this I saw online posts exploring charges against Bowie for sexual assault. I was unaware of these charges, and want to acknowledge the discussion.)