Monthly Archive: February, 2014

The Trouble with Invoking Jim Crow to Fight for LGBT Issues

Pink Panthers Movement’s Response to the Arizona Anti-Gay Law Arizona‚Äôs new bill allowing for discrimination based on sexual orientation is rightfully attracting a lot of pushback from LGBT activists. One of the go-to… Continue reading

Transnormativity debuts in Vogue?

Critics of the politics of the marriage equality movement have described it as heralding “homonormativity.” Here is a recent feature in Vogue that advances “transnormativity.” In both cases what we see is the… Continue reading

Activists go to jail for marriage equality

[Description: Blurred out text frames a photo of Nancy and Toby in the upper right corner the Headline: “Free Nancy Davis and Toby Schneiter Gay Marriage Now” dominating the middle.] Today, most of… Continue reading

1971 television footage of African American lesbians applying for marriage license

Video of Donna Burkett and Manonia Evans applying for a marriage license. Last week I interviewed Donna Burkett, an African American butch lesbian who spent her lifetime working in factories because she refused… Continue reading